Is radiation therapy possible for bile duct cancer?

Yes. Surgery is the first and most important treatment. Often radiation and chemo will be needed because these cancer can recur easily.
Possible. Bile duct cancer is usually aggressive. Often times it is diagnosed at late stage. In selected cases, liver transplantation can be as option in specialized transplant center. Radiation is considered as adjunctive (additional) treatment. Chemotherapy is offered at late stage. However, overall prognosis of bile duct cancer is poor.
Yes, but... It is not the mainstay therapy. Surgery is. Readiation is only adjunctive but not curative, as surgery can be.
Maybe. The treatment for bile duct cancer is surgery. It is sometimes supplemented with radiation and chemotherapy.

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If my sister had bile duct cancer, is it likely i'll also get it?

Unlikely. Unlikely. For more on bile duct cancers, here is some additional reading: http://www. Cancer. Net/cancer-types/bile-duct-cancer.
Not likely. This is a very uncommon cancer and is not known to be a familial type of cancer.

Does anybody know which chemo is more affective for bile duct cancer?

It will.. ..Depend on the circumstances and whether you are getting radiation as well but if I'm gonna give only chemo for biliary cancer, I usually go with Cisplatin and gemcitabine (gemzar).

Please explain which food can my father have if he has bile duct cancer?

It's up to him. If he becomes very jaundiced, he may need to restrict fat. There is no magic food that will affect his cancer for better or worse.

Mother died from bile duct cancer. She was so healthy her whole life, never had any problems. This Cancer came out of nowhere. Causes?

Here's a link for U. To learn more about cholangiocarcinoma, consider this educational link from the American Cancer Society -- http://www. Cancer. Org/cancer/bileductcancer/detailedguide/

Can you tell me about bile duct cancer?

Bile ducts. Are buried in the liver, and also are outside, picking up gall bladder secretions before joining the pancreatic ducts. Biliary cancers are divided by their location, and that indicates means of treatment. They are not common, called klatskin tumors, few are resectable; most are not. Ca-19-9 may be quite hi.

What can you tell me about bile duct cancer?

Aggressive tumor. Tumor can arise intrahepatically requiring partial hepatectomy id possible. It is also found in the common duct outside the liver. The jaundice present can be relieved by a stent from ERCP. Chemo and radiation frequently employed. Within the liver distant metastasis frequently develops. Pancreatic drugs like Gemcitabine may help.

What happens if recurrent bile duct cancer has spread to the bone it is difficult to treat?

Very difficult. Bile duct cancers behave in a similar fashion to pancreatic cancer. When localized to the common duct and resected, the patient has a chance, especially post RT with gemcitabine. When the tumor spreads to bone I'm not sure that combo chemo with any of the available monoclonal can demonstrate any effect on survival.

Help please! Is colon cancer and bile duct cancer basically the same thing?

Completely different. Colon cancer originates in the colon. Bile duct cancer originates in the bile ducts either within the liver or in the parts of the bile duct system outside of the liver (common hepatic and common bile ducts).