Could I have a hernia and or an internal tumor male 5ft 10 240lbs. All my limbs and butt normal and practicaly fat free. Stomach area feels very hard but when I lay on my back and tighten my torsoe muscles I have a very soft bulge 3 to 4 in high 3 in wide

If . If you have never had previous surgery on the abdomen it would be unusual to have a hernia of that size in that location. Having said that, based on your height and weight it is more likely that you have a hernia (rather than a tumor) or more likely a "rectus diastasis" which comes from a thinning out of tissues under the skin and could be thought of as an early hernia. A very brief exam in your doctor's office should be able to differentiate between the two.
Another . Another possibility - albeit less likely than a rectus diastasis as the two physicians already pointed out - would be a spigelian or epigastric hernia. These are typical smaller and located off of the midline. As previously mentioned, in someone of your physique, the differentiation should be fairly easy based upon a physical examination in your doctors office.
What . What you are describing sounds like a rectus muscle diastasis. It's a separation of the muscles without a defect or opening in the fascia(strength layer). This is not a hernia and does not share any of the risks of having a hernia. Repair for this condition is usually for cosmetic reasons. You should have a local physical exam performed to confirm that your description is accurate.
I . I agree that if what you are describing is in the upper mid abdomen, then it is most likely a diastasis of the abdominal wall. It is a benign condition where the abdominal wall muscles are separated from each other, leaving the fibers in the middle of the abdomen to be stretched or loose. It will look normal when you are standing, and will bulge outward when you sit up from a lying position. It is a common normal condition for some men. But you should have your family doctor examine the area to be sure.