Can pap smear doctors remove objects from your vagina? When I was 15 I was experimenting with objects and masturbation and I got stuck in my. Vagina

Sure. Easily done. We can remove it if it is still there. And nobody understands better than a doctor.
I . I do not know how old you are right now. So, I do not know how long you have had a foriegn object lodged in your vagina. A gynecologist is the same type of doctor who does a pap smear. The gynecologist can place a speculum in the vagina and look through that to see if a foriegn object is visible. The doctor will normally also do a physical examination which involves placing a finger in the rectum and another one in the vagina which would help to feel for an object. Additionally, the doctor will press on your abdomen with fingers placed in the vagina to find any masses. You definately should make an appointment to be evaluated so that you don't get an infection or other damage from an object stuck in the vagina.