I am taking percocet 10 mg for ongoing pains that have been ongoing for almost a year I cut them in half, so 5mg I believe. I take a half every 6 hours, and not before bedtime. I am not an addict nor do I abuse them, but I wonder if there will be any long

My opinion. Short acting opiates are not a good option in my opinion for long term pain issues. In some cases, perhaps as much as 1/3 of patients they can actually start to make pain worse. It is called neurosensitization. Try to find a pain management specialist that will give you options other than ongoing short acting opioids. Members of the american academy of pain management are a good bet.
Any . Any pain medication when taken for proper use is sometimes necessary but at the same time one has to be very careful because any narcotics have the potential for misuse. Also one has to be careful that over the time one may develop tolerance which may be a problem and results in increase dose over the time. Taking small dose of pain meds may not have a detrimental effect on liver and kidney if taken with caution and for proper use only. I strongly suggest not to increase the dose and slowly try to wean the dose over the time if possible.\\.