Can a hysterectomy cause incontinence? I had a partial hysterectomy (removal of the uterus and cervix) in june 2010. A few months ago I started noticing that I would wet my pants and not even know it. I don't just leak a little bit of pee, but actually qu

Generally not cause. There is no evidence that overall, having a hysterectomy increases the risk of urinary incontinence. However, certain specific complications of hysterectomy can cause leakage. The surgeon should be consulted for further evaluation.
Yes, . Yes, but unfortunately can happen. The two most common reasons are a fistula (a small hole left between the bladder and vagina) or sometimes in patients with uterine prolapse, the drop of the uterus "kinks" the urethra and when the uterus is removed incontinence the occurs, since the kinking effect is removed. That is a reason why some gynecologists will do urodynamic testing (test the muscles/tissues that keep you continent) to make sure this is not present prior to a hysterectomy. There are other possibilities to include infections, overflow incontinence, etc. I recommend you seek the help of a urogynecologist who are ob/gyn's with three years of additional training in female incontinence problems. You can find one at http://www.Augs.Org/ hope this helps.