How long should I wait to do heavy lifting after appendectomy for ruptured appendix? I was in hospital for 7 days and it took me about 4 weeks for me to start walking properly I had a open surgery and it is about a 4-5 inch opening on the right side of ac

In . In general, for uncomplicated surgeries, it is recommended to wait 6-8 weeks prior to lifting anything heavier that a gallon of milk. This is because the tensile strength of a wound is relatively stable at this point. After this, a slow return to normal pre-surgery activity should ensue.
Soon likely. If muscle splitting mcburney's incision in the right lower quadrant those heal promptly and well. If some other, better talk with surgeon. Usually gradual increase in reps and weights after about 6 weeks if no pain.
Weeks. It is generally recommended to wait 6-8 weeks after surgery to resume nl activities.