Day by day headaches. Is this withdrawl symptom? I was getting them when I was drinking. I cut down on drinking and then I stop drinking all together. I am still getting headaches. Sometimes once and sometimes 3 times a day. Occasionally it makes me feel

If . If by "when (you) were drinking" you mean "in between times when you were actually drinking", then withdrawal would be a possibility. The "vision hurts" symptom may also be an indicator of the headaches being from a different cause - several possibilities of which come to mind. You really do need to have this evaluated by a neurologist, as there are a lot of other questions that will need to be asked, etc., to help sort out the source of the symptoms you report, and it does go far beyond the scope of what can be determined from a few quick and dirty questions that might be asked here.
Hello. . Hello. I do not know the cause of your symptoms. The information you provided does not state how long ago you stopped drinking. Extremely serious symptoms of withdrawal can include seizures and hallucinations. Seizures can be life threatening. Other symptoms are feeling very anxious and irritable, depressed mood, fluctuating moods, tremor, sweating heavily, feeling like you want to jump out of your skin and rapid heart rate. There can also be headaches, inability to sleep, poor appetite, nausea and vomiting, feeling exhausted and difficulty thinking straight. Withdrawal symptoms can start a few hours after your last drink up to about a week later. How much you drink and how long you have been drinking for are factors in the length of symptoms. You can have withdrawal symptoms for weeks to months after your last drink. Many people with heavy alcohol problems require inpatient alcohol detoxification. If you have serious problems with alcohol, alcohol rehabilitation may be very beneficial.