I have some unexplained pain. Do I need to be worried about it? My lower back hurts if I stand for too long, walk, or sit in one position. Bending over hurts. Also sometimes my arm, finger, or toe gets a sharp pain in it. Almost like its broke, but the

Multiple possible ca. Many causes for your complaints from ligament injury to foos allergy to other underlying toxins in the body . You would benefit from a work up to see whjat is going on in your body and to correct the problem , not just taking pain med to cover it.
Back . Back pain is very common. It can be brought on by position or activity. The pain may be related to bones, disks, joints, ligaments, muscles, nerves or other organs. The most common cause of back pain is wearing out of the spine (degeneration) and this can be related to genetics, lifestyle, weight, work and injuries. The body can compensate for a long time but may eventually develop pain. I would recommend seeing your primary care doctor to get checked out. Physical therapy, core strengthening and weight loss may help relieve your pain. Good luck!