I am not an overweight person, yet my stomache is almost always swollen, lately. Why would that be? I have just been told, that after my mri, it looks like a spot in my liver has grown by 11/2 CM in 6month and there is a possibillity that it could be canc

This . This is very likely the cause of your abdominal distention. Besides the enlarged liver, you likely have ascites, which is a fluid build up due to increased pressure in the liver, this fluid accumulates within the abdominal cavity, causing pressure, discomfort in addition to the distention. While diuretic medications, which increase urine excretion, such as lasix, (furosemide) can be used to reduce the fluid build up, occasionally, the fluid will need to be tapped off, called a paracentesis. The culprit here though is the liver mass. Unfortunately, it is likely malignant, given the rate of increased size. If you have any prior history of liver disease, such as hepatitis b, hepatitis c, chronic alcohol use, you are at increased risk for liver cancer, called hepatocellular carcinoma. You should see a liver surgeon, called a hepatobiliary surgeon, who can assess the prognosis and options for treatment. If the imaging clearly suggests that this is a liver cancer, then a biopsy is not always indicated. If possible, liver resection should be considered, this may be facilitated by the use of trans-arterial chemotherapy (tace), therasphere, or stereotactic radiotherapy (sbtr). I suggest that you see a specialist, perhaps at the university of hawaii (surgeon there is linda wong), who can get you evaluated. Please tell her that dr. John fung recommended you to be seen there, it may help you cut through some red-tape. Good luck.