Is this really as rare as my pcp claims? She has me going to a number of different specialists and imaging of all sorts? I have a lot of pain in my back and chest. Mri imaging of the c spine and t spine show lesions in a few places, and images of my chest

There . There are a few conditions that can cause night sweats, back pain, and multiple MRI lesions. None of them are particularly happy. Have you been tested for TB or other mycobacteria? Pott's disease can present this way and, because it is rare in this country, can be overlooked. Other possibilities are lymphoma and multiple myeloma. Ewing's sarcoma can mimic infection, but is usually more localized. If all of these have been ruled out, then it is something even more rare, such as some of the myelodysplastic disorders (where the bone marrow doesn't make the right blood cells). While it is frustrating to have a diagnosis take months, there are a lot of risks involved and making the right diagnosis is essential for the proper treatment. If you treat an infection with chemotherapy or cancer with antibiotics, the problem will only get worse. Best of luck!