I am 2 weeks late, I had a blood test friday came back 3.4, what does this mean? I have taken 5 urine tests that have all come back negative. Why would my hCG levels be so low if I was pregnant and why have I not started my period. What else could be goin

There . There are lots of reasons your period could be late besides being pregnant. Here are just a few: being emotionally stressed or physically ill. Really low or high weight or really high levels of exercise (like a long distance runner). Losing or gaining a lot of weight. Birth control pills or other medication can impact your periods. An ovarian cyst, polycystic ovaries or fluctuating hormone levels. There are many more possible reasons besides these. It is not uncommon to have some irregularity with periods. I do not know what a test result of 3.4 means. I hope this helps.