Can I be pregnant? I'm super late on my period, and I've been feeling sick, I can't keep anything down or eat anything even if I wanted to. When I try to eat or drink everything taste nasty to me. My stomach feels bubble and doesn't feel right. I'm really

If . If you have had unprotected sex you could be pregnant. Lets see how your symptoms match up to possible pregnancy symptoms. 1. Lack of period - check. 2. Nausea and or vomiting - check. 3. Feeling more emotional - check. 4. Feeling more tired - check. Other possible symptoms can include urinating more often, tender or swollen breasts, & food cravings, just to mention a few. You can get nausea at any time of the day - not just in the morning. I would recommend that you take a home pregnancy test. If you are pregnant, i recommend that you stay away from alcohol, starting taking prenatal vitamins and make an appointment with an obstetrician. Good luck.