I woke up with this large hard lump next to my butt crack, it is real swollen and hard, not red feels like a mule kicked me day 2 still hurting I have had 4 back surgerys, the last being an scs implant, am seeing a pain management dr, it seems like mabe a

Hello, . Hello, i want to start by telling you that i cannot diagnose the cause of your lump. It might be a pilonidal cyst. It is a cyst that usually contains hair and skin debris which is found at the tailbone at the top of the crack on your buttocks. It may be swollen, hard and painful because it could be infected. I would definately see your doctor. Your doctor may refer you to see a general surgeon if this is a pilonidal cyst. Even this isn't the cause, you should get a new mass evaluated. If you see your doctor you can hit two birds with one stone: 1. Get the people who love you off your back and 2.) get this mass diagnosed and treated. God bless. Take good care of yourself.
While . While there are several possibilities for this swelling, including a pilonidal cyst, perirectal abscess, or even a tumor, given that you have had a spinal cord stimulator (scs) placed in the past, should be clearly considered as part of the presentation. Complications with scs range from simple easily correctable problems to devastating paralysis, nerve injury and death. However, in a 7-year follow-up, the overall complication rate was 5-18%. The most complications include lead migration, lead breakage, and infection. Other complications include haematomas (subcutaneous or epidural), cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leak, post dural puncture headache, discomfort at pulse generator site, seroma and transient paraplegia. I suggest that you see your neurosurgeon to evaluate this as a possible complication from the scs implant. If it is not, then evaluation by a colorectal surgeon would be the next suggestion.
It . It is hard to know without an examination. A painful infection or peri-anal abscess or painful hemorrhoid can act like this. Hard straining constipated bowel movements can make it worse. Soaking in warm bath may help. If it is an infection or abscess, you need to see a physician for treatment, antibiotics and possible surgery.