I have a sticky liquid seeping from my anus and it smells so bad what is it and how can I stop it the doctor has has me on a medicine but its not helping me please help

The . The anal glands or anal sacs are small glands found near the anus and normally function to lubricate the anal canal to facilitate defecation. This liquid is normal. However on occasion, the glands can become obstructed resulting in retention of glandular secretions and, when subsequently infected, infection with abscess formation within the anal gland results. This usually presents with pus drainage and can smell. There may be associated pain, but the degree of pain is dependent on the abscess location and size. As a rule, the presence of an abscess is an indication for incision and drainage. Watchful waiting while administering antibiotics is inadequate. You may wish to consult a colorectal surgeon in order to address this problem.