I had a vaginail ultrasound down cause I was having pin on my right ovarie and doc said he seen fluid and my uterus has thicken am I pregnant

It's. It's hard to answer this question without knowing exactly what the ultrasound report said. It's entirely normal for a woman to have a small amount of fluid in the pelvis around the time of ovulation. A large amount of fluid, or fluid in a woman who is post-menopausal, would be unusual. What is thickened? The endometrial stripe, which represents the linig of the uterus, changes its thickness dramatically during the menstrual cycle, so this may also be totally normal. An extremely thick endometrium could represent something called endometrial hyperplasia or adenomyosis, though these words would probably show up very specifically in your report. Ultrasound can miss a very early pregnancy. However, by the time you miss a period, there may very well be signs of a pregnancy visible in the uterus.