Does anyone in the midwest do sexual reassignment surgery? I am an FTM in the Kansas city metro area and I was wondering if there are any doctors that do top surgery and if so, does insurance cover the surgery?

The . The majority of gender reassignment surgeries are performed in private facilities outside of the United States. Here are some doctor who perform “top” surgery for female-to-male: michael brownstein, md san francisco, california, 415.625.3230, www.Brownsteinmd.Com charles garramone, md, sunrise, florida, 954.752.7842, www.Drgarramone.Com perry johnson, md, village pointe aesthetic surgery, omaha, nebraska, 402.596.4000, www.Lookingyourbest.Com toby meltzer, md scottsdale, arizona, 480.657.7006, www.Tmeltzer.Com peter raphael, md american institute for plastic surgery, plano, texas, 972.543.2477, www.Ai4ps.Com i would be very doubtful that this would be covered by insurance. Normally, you need to have been through therapy and have been psychologically evaluated before consideration is given for sex reassignment surgery.
I . I think dr fowler has provided a very thorough answer to your question below. This is an operation or series of operations where you need to do your due diligence in choosing a provider. I would also do a google search and then ask all of the appropriate questions of each provider prior to scheduling a surgery. I wish you well. Dr edwards.
This . This depends on whether you are considering male to female or vice versa. Dr. Gottlieb, at the university of chicago, has performed female to male procedures. However, most of the male to female procedures are done outside of the us. There are a few centers in canada.