More detail to my question about having sex with a woman that is HIV positive? My question is if I have sex with a woman that is said to be HIV positive, does that mean that I will contact the virus too?

Many . Many issues come into play when were discussing HIV transmission. First and foremost...Was the sex protected (ie condom use). Using a condom lowers the risk of transmission virtually entirely. If there was kissing and oral sex involved..Was there exchange of fluids? The type of fluid matters greatly. If its simply saliva the risk is very very low. There is virus present in the saliva of HIV positively infected people but it is not to the level thought to cause infection. If there were open lesions or bleeding gums for example...The risk goes up. Another think to consider is was the HIV positive person on anti-retrovirals (meds for the hiv). If the person is undetectable (meaning the virus count found in the blood is almost nonexistant) then the rate of possible transmission goes down by 96%. Keep in mind these are only general guidlines. Its a complicated virus and disease that it causes.
Hello, . Hello, unprotected sex with an HIV positive woman on seven occassions would definately put you at risk for having the virus transmitted to you. However, the only way to find out if you actually contracted the HIV virus is to be tested. In other words, you are at risk, but no one can be certain if you were infected until you are tested.