Why am I burping eggs? I don't eat them! I am having belly problems....Bloating, pains, dirreah, upset stomach. No fever just nausea. I'm burping the nasty taste of eggs and haven't ate any eggs cause I know they make me sick! What is wrong?

I . I cannot diagose your abdominal problems. However having burps that smell like rotten eggs is also called "sulfur belching". There can be a number of possible causes. One is that you may have an infection of your gut such as h. Pyloribacterium or giardia. Egg burps can occur with problems involving the stomach or the gallbladder. If you have are having a problem breaking down foods such as meats this can be problematic. Have you traveled anywhere recently where the food or water might be contaminated? I don't know how long you have had these symptoms. Since you are losing fluids from diarrhea, it is important to drink water. If you start feeling lightheaded, especially when going from lying to standing, your pulse rate is very rapid and you feel weak, you may be getting dehydrated. If this occurs you might need to go to the emergency room for intravenous hydration. If the symptoms continue for several days i recommend calling your doctor.