I have shingles nd its about 4 months. I have a disk problems to and it hearts really bad. I want to know about shingles nd I want to know how much does it take to recover. I will be really thanked if u give me some information about it and what to do

You . You will want to see someone in internal medicine or infectious diseases for a more complete evaluation and discussion about shingles. Unfortunately, it can have a prolonged course. The herpes zoster virus lives in the nerve cell bodies and can re-emerge at any time, usually years after the initial infection and in response to some form of stress. The symptoms include nerve pain and a rash in the area of the nerve. The rash does not cross midline since it strictly follows the nerve distribution. The pattern of rash is called "dermatomal" in reference to the area of skin supplied by the segment of the spinal cord that contains the nerve. Singles has been known to last for months to over a year. Anti-virals can be helpful and you should discuss the pros and cons with your physician. In contrast, a disk problem can produce back pain, usually somewhat centralized, buttock pain, and numbness, pain, and tingling along the nerve pathway. The most typical pattern is called sciatica and involves symptoms down the back of thigh to the bottom of the foot. It is worse with sitting. There would not be an associated rash. The symptoms follow the course of the peripheral nerve involved, rather than the dermatomal (spinal nerve) distribution of shingles. There can be weakness and bowel or bladder issues, in which case you need to get treatment quickly.