My fiance suffers from depression. He is on four antidepressants and sleeps a lot! He seems to go into REM sleep quickly and has bad dreams often arguing, kicking or flinching. More recently, he has begun bed wetting. What should I do?

I. I am perplexed on why your fiance' is prescribed 4 antidepressants (as earlier pointed out). This is a not (to put it mildly) very common thing to do with patients for depression. If I was in your shoes, I would seek a second opinion about his depression treatment and this would be my priority.
Any. Any attempt to answer your question will be purely based on speculation. First question that pops up to my mind is- what is the reason for 4 antidepressants? When several medications are combined it is extremely difficult to know what kind of side effects such combination could cause. Increased sedation could be due to that combination of antidepressants. Nightmares can occur as a result of combinations of medications. Nightmares are usually the result of anxiety disorders like post traumatic stress disorders. If his clinical condition permits some of the antidepressants should be gradually decreased and discontinued. Then re evaluate his condition.
Hello, . Hello, complex issue. The kicking and arguing he does in his sleep, may or may not be occurring during rem. Quick, question - is by any chance a combat veteran or has he undergone one or more life threatening, or horrific life events? This may be part of depression. Have no idea if there is any post traumatic element. Also, do not know if the bed wetting is due to a medication side effect or if it is part of the symptom pattern. The only way to determine what these sleep behaviors are, is to get a sleep study. If it is a rem sleep disorder, if he is taking trazodone, that can increase the period of time spent in rem. This needs further work up. Good luck.