Is it normal for a 55 year old women to have a "period". Same symptoms. Headache, bleeding, stomach pains same symptoms. Headache, bleeding, stomach pains

I . I agree with dr fowler that the bleeding may be abnormal but it depends on whether you already stopped menses (menopause). The average age of menopause is 51 years. As a woman approaches menopause (defined as no menses for 6-12 months and an elevated fsh), the menstrual periods change from regular to irregular and closer then irregular and less often and then they stop. It is possible that you stopped menses for a few months and then you started another menses because you are not quite in menopause. One of the hormones from the brain that stimulates the ovarian follicles is fsh (follicle stimulating hormone). As you approach menopause the remaining follicles become less responsive to the fsh level. But as the level rises in the blood then the last remaining follicles could respond and ovulate leading to a menses. At the time of menopause, surgery specimens show that the ovaries still contain about 1000 eggs. They eventually die and they are not responsive to stimulation. Best wishes.
Am . Am not sure of the scenario. If the 55 year old woman had already entered menopause (1 years since last menstrual period), then this would not be normal.