Snap on teeth vsr denturers I have lost teeth due to radiation and chemo over the years. I am tired of looking like a jack-o-lantern and this has been hard on me finding work. I saw this on tv the snap on teeth. At the age of 58 what do you suggest me

Two VERY different! Snap-on smile teeth can only be used over healthy teeth. They are used more for a better looking smile, although they can additionally replace a few missing teeth. Dentures are the worst replacement for teeth and should only be considered when the teeth cannot be saved or if one cannot afford any better options. Consult with a highly recommended local dentist who can discuss your options.
Depends. All depends on which teeth you have left, their condition, position, and your bite. All of these questions can be answered by a local dentist who can actually examine you and tell you what would work best in your situation. Can't possible advise you properly for this question, over the internet, sight unseen. All the best...
Here . Here is the issue, you have some real health issues with your teeth. Use of snap on teeth does not address any of the underlying problems with your teeth, they just cover over them. You clearly have medical issues that need to be addressed by a dentist. If you buy snap on teeth, you might not feel as compelled to get the dental issues addressed promptly. Thus by the time you get any required dental procedures, the health of your teeth, gums and possibly even underlying bone could have worsened. If you were only addressing a cosmetic issue it might be a different issue.