Why are my eyes full with ears whenever it's windy? Others' aren't. Anything I can do? Is this a symptom of something? When I am outdoors. It doesn't even have to be especially windy

Most . Most likely a dry eye issue. It may sound wrong that dry eyes would tear so much, and you would also think that all of that tearing would solve the problem. Actually, all of those tears are a response to the surface of your eye drying out. But the tears that you are producing are called "reflex tearing", which means that they are pure water. These tears are great for washing the front of the eye, but don't do anything to actually moisturize. That's why they don't cure dry eyes. The best analogy i can give you is that if you have dry skin and you put your hands under the faucet. This will wet your skin, but will not moisturize, you need to use hand lotion. The lubricating eye drops, known as artificial tears will moisturize your eyes. Patients who only have tearing or dryness in certain situations often find that use of artificial tears will help. Try using tears right before you go outside, and see if it cuts down on your symptoms.
Wind . Wind can dry out your eyes, so tears are created by tear glands to keep them moist. Your eyes may also tear in response to allergies. If your eyes become irritated (i.e., by an eyelash or by really cold temperature) tears help to rinse them. Occassionally the ducts that drain the tears can be plugged. I do not know if you have a problem with your eyes. I don't know if you have allergies. You should talk to your doctor if it is really bothering you.
You . You most likely have dry eyes. Wind causes the tears in your eye to evaporate. Then your eye in an attempt to keep your eyes moist and wet overcompensate and produce too much tear leading to epiphora (tearing). If you have no other symptoms, there is not much to do except to wipe your eye. However, if you have other symptoms of dry eyes such as, eyes feeling easily tired, burning sensation, pin prick sensation, sandy sensation, or redness you should use lubricating tear drops.
Wind . Wind causes the corneal nerve to send signals to the brain to produce more tears. This is a normal reflex, however it can be the sign of dry eye if it is excessive. Warm compresses to the lids will increase oil production and help prevent evaporation of the tears.