Is she pregnant? My girlfriend hasnt had he period since december 20 something. She sometimes has irregular periods and it skips a month. She took a test 2 nights ago and it was negative, then she took a test the next morning and it was positive. She does

I . I am just adding to dr seely's comment. First, some possible signs / symptoms of pregancy- lack of period, nausea, feeling tired, swollen or tender breasts, urinating more often, food cravings, etc. When a pregnancy test is taken, one must follow the directions exactly. For instance, if you read a pregancy test, well after the time period that is directed - it may appear to be positive. In this case, this is due to operator error. Or maybe you read it well after the directions say to, and there is a faint gray line. This could be a line caused by the evaporation of urine and once again would be due to operator error. A urine or blood pregancy test can always been done through a doctor's office if the individual reading the urine home pregancy test, does not feel confident that they are doing it correctly. Also, it is a good idea to do a home pregnancy test with the first urination in the morning.
Probably, . Probably, yes you can repeat it just to be sure and a sprain knee has no effect on pregnancy tests or embryo/fetus this small.