My tubes are blocked the fertility dr told me that my tubes are blocked. Now I have to wait till I get my period again so that I can call to see if I can get in to have another procedure done. The exam requested is bilateral selective salpingography. Do y

Many . Many patients have been able to achieve pregnancy after this procedure. There are many factors involved, including the degree of blockage, and where the blockage is located in the tubes. Your doctor should be able to give you a best guess approximation of success and subsequent pregnancy based on his/her previous findings, and pending the outcome of the next procedure. I know this must be stressful, but try to relax and visualize a positive outcome. Best of luck.
It . It is possible for patients to concieve after this procedure, however most patient with "true" tubal blockage will not be able to. If the procedure clears through the tubes you are ok, however if not, you may need surgery to unblock them, or have them removed and proceed with in vitro fertilization if the end of the tube is blocked and is filled with fluid (hydrosalpinx is the term). I know this must be scarry, but tipically patients in any of these scenarios eventually get their problem solved and get pregnant best of luck. Dr loret de mola siu fertility and ivf center springfield il.