I flipped and fell in gym 2 days ago and my whole thigh and knee especially hurts a lot should I see a doctor? I was running in gym and a boy pushed me. I flipped in the air and fell to the ground and my whole thigh hurts and knee hurts when I touch it. M

Without . Without an examination, it would be hard to determine if additional tests, such as an x-ray are needed. From what i can tell, you are a young person and probably pretty healthy. If your joints, i.e. Knees, hips can move fully, in other words you can bend them, without much pain, and your leg is not grossly deformed and you can walk, my guess is that this is a contusion, i.e. Bad bruise. You may have some minor swelling and discoloration or scrapes. This will get better with some moist heat. Tylenol (acetaminophen) or Motrin will help with the pain. However if there is deformity, significant pain when moving your knees or hip and you cannot walk, then you should see a physician and x-rays are likely to be done.