My feet and hands are hurting and have swelling they ach through out the day, my feet more so in the morning time and its really only my toes, not the entire foot. I am lightheaded very easy and I am really tired. No matter what I do it don't seem to help

Painful . Painful hands/feet with swelling is unlikely due to neuropathy or reynaud's disease. There is no swelling in either of these conditions in most patients. (exception-swelling occurs in reflex sympathetic dystropy which usually follows surgery or injury.) depending on the physical exam and concurrent illnesses, the differential changes. With joint swelling, consider psoriatic or autoimmune arthitities (rhematoid, lupus) edema of the soft tissues without joint swelling, consider low thyroid, low albumen level, or even a drug reaction. It is helpful to know the age of the patient and whether the swelling is objective (obvious to an observer) or only subjective (feels swollen to the patient but isn't obvious to the observer).
From . From what you are describing you might have either a peripheral nerve issue or a vascular issue with your toes. Do your toes and fingers change color? If so, you might have raynauld's phenomenon and should visit your doctor. If not, then it's most like a peripheral nerve issue and you should get a ncv test (nerve conduction velocity test) to check for that. You should also check your vitamin B12 levels. If they are low, that may lead to peripheral neuropathy also.
Sounds . Sounds like you need to see a good internist to make sense of all the different symptoms fatigue soreness and lightheadedness may mean an rheumatic or vascualr problem julian ungar 219 588 8000 www.Drungar.Com.