Could high i.N.R. In blood analysis be significative for liver disase without other parameter outside the range I did blood analysis without any particular symptom, just to check up. The parameters are all in the range, except the pt (38.20%) and i.N.R. (1

An . An inr of 1.67 is pretty high. As you've indicated, this can often be seen with liver disease, and one would expect the other values to be abnormal as well. You haven't mention bilrubin or Albumin levels, both of which are also quite dependent on liver function. An elevated bilirubin or a low Albumin level in combination with an elevated inr would be strong evidence of liver disease. On the other hand, inr can reflect factors other than liver function. For example: if for some reason, your vitamin k level was very low (perhaps because of dietary restrictions), then the inr could rise. This certainly warrants further investigation. A hematologist would probably be the best specialist for you to work with.