Are teeth whitening procedures typically covered by insurance? I have very good health insurance provided by my employer, and my coverage includes dental. I would like to get my teeth whitened in the near future, but I have no idea what kind of cost to ex

Cosmetic. It is not usually covered because it is considered cosmetic and most plans do not cover it. Sorry.
Usually not! As a rule of thumb, most procedures that are strictly cosmetic in nature are not covered by dental insurance. Teeth whitening would fall in this category. To be sure, check your benefits booklet. Whitening procedures can be accomplished with over the counter products like white strips for under $50 to professional dental whitening for several hundred dollars, . The later is much more effective.
No. I have never seen teeth whitening covered by any insurance. Even the sag insurance won't cover this expense. Thank goodness it's not very expensive and often free from your dentist.
Usually No, Most dental insurances don't cover anything related to cosmetic dental treatment. The cost varies between $100 to $650 depending on different material and system they use.
Most . Most dental insurance will not cover whitening, but many dentists offer it as a free service to new patients. Otherwise its $200.00-300.00.
Probably not. Talk to your dentist about the different options available (there are many) and what it would cost.