What do external bruises look like from knuckle punch to eyeball resulting in orbital floor fracture w/ muscle entrapment. If a man were to hit a woman in the eye and the contact is more a knuckle contact to eyeball rather than a closed fist, would there

If . If there is an orbital fracture would anticipate that there would be edema (swelling) and pain. With that said, I am in no position to dispute the diagnosis made by an examining physician. From the standpoint of a psychiatrist, it is very concerning if a man strikes a woman in the eye with his knuckle as that might suggest uncontrolled rage.
Usually . Usually you would expect some signs of the impact to the eye and eyelids. Having said that, the blowout fracture is a protective mechanism. The force of the impact is transmitted to the thin bone on the floor of the orbit, instead of being absorbed by the eye itself. Agree with the other comments regarding the violence described here.
Hmmm.... . Hmmm.... I sense some doubt from the tone of your question. Most trauma will result in some form of inflammation and edema especially if it results in broken bone (in this case orbital blowout fracture). However the degree of inflammation and edema can vary greatly to the point of being difficult to being noticed. If there is muscle entrapment, that patient may see double when asked to look up. This scenario that you described is of concern. Such a man needs help. There should never be an incident where a man throws a punch at a woman in the face. Such man has lot to explain....