I need to get diagsnosed with adhd. I have no insurance and I need the medication to help this disorder, it's ruining my life I've tried herbal remedies. Anti depressants. Anxiety medication and calming sessions. I've also tried to stay moderately organiz

I . I don't know your age. If you are young enough to be a student then the education system will often assist with evaluation for adhd or learning disorders. If you are adult, i would look into medical clinics in your area that have a sliding fee scale. There are even free clinics in some locations. Good luck.
I'm . I'm reading into the way you presented your question as you are someone who believes you have adhd (based on whatever source of info you've obtained it from) and you;ve been prescribed certain class of medications and non-medication intervention that isn't significantly helping. You have the added stressor of not having insurance. A few friendly suggestions: - pool any personal liquid resource you have so you may get a psychological or psychiatric evaluation again. Basically what i mean is save the money and/or get assistance from other trusted persons to get yourself evaluated. - there are community mental health services in many locations across the usa who work with the uninsured and underinsured and diagnose, treat certain psychiatric conditions. - you may want to call psychiatrists in your area and ask for cash rates at a discount because there are doctors who will discount their services good luck.