I have sharp one minute pains around the left temple multiples times a day and smell roses randomly. Should I seek help? The pain is intense but only lasts a short while, but it happens often. When it does my left eye sometimes twitches. I don't know if

Based . Based on your description, you should seek the advice of a neurologist. The reasoning is that the symptoms you describe could be related to partial complex seizures. If so, the smell of roses can be an aura although they are more commonly unpleasant smells such as blood, garbage... Other auras that you may want to note for the neurologist would include: depersonalization (feeling like you are not a part of yourself) autoscopy (feeling like you are outside your body looking in) epigastric rising (feeling like your stomach is rising up in your chest) hot or cold sensation running up or down your body dizziness or vertigo whiule pain can be associated with seizures, of course it would be more common in migraine. Your eye twitching can be related but is more commonly due to stress, caffeine... Good luck and well wishes.