Is it possible to get a second script of a non XR Adderall to supplement when you don't need the xr? Before I need a refill? I have 30 mg XR now but I don't need it to last that long every day I don't get another script for a while can I get a second supp

Each . Each psychiatrist has different thoughts regarding this. I recommend that you talk to your psychiatrist about your request for a shorter acting stimulant on some days. Some psychiatrists may wish to keep your medications as uniform as possible (i.e., not changing dose of the basic medication on different days). It is not uncommon to have mixes of stimulants. For instance: a patient uses a long acting stimulant to get him through his workday. The stimulant choice is perfect and starts wearing off at the end of his workday. However, he also goes to night school two days per week. The stimulant has worn off by the time he gets to class. So, a short acting stimulant can be taken in the afternoon to get him through class two days per week. And because it is short acting, it allows him to go to sleep later. None of the doctors here will be able to answer this question because it is one that you and your psychiatrist will need to address together.
I . I wouldn't give my own client an early refill of a controlled medication like adderall, (dextroamphetamine and racemic amphetamine) to be quite frank about it. I would say that based on your limited information, your body desires a non xr form. It may be possible to get what you want in this kind of a scenario; bring your original xr medications to the prescriber's office and tell him/her your desires about medication change. Just remember, every doctor is different in their approach about this matter.