My knee pops out of socket and stops me in my tracks. I have to massage it for awhile and then pop it back place. Any ideas? An i'll be walking and all of a sudden can't move because it's painful to bend my knee. Have to massage it and pop it back into s

I . I cannot diagnose your problem and am only addressing your knee symptoms in my response. From the sounds of it, your patella (knee cap) may be unstable. Subluxation is when the knee cap starts to move out of the socket and then pops back in. This would likely cause pain and a click. A dislocation is when the patella pops out of the socket altogether and stays there. If the patella is loose but doesn’t pop out of the socket, this can cause pain. Because your knee is likely unstable and you are having hip problems, i suggest that you see your doctor to have these symptoms evaluated.