Braces what's the different braces I could get? And what ones are less pain ful

Multiple. Braces are a handle on the teeth so that gentle force can be applied to guide the teeth into new positions. There are many different types of braces, metal, ceramic, plastic, fixed, removable, etc. The type of "hardware" matters less than the skill of the operator. Choose the best orthodontic specialist you can find, and ask for recommendations as to the best individualized treatment for you.
Discomfort. Some discomfort is to be expected with any orthodontic tooth movement. There are a multitude of different brands of orthodontic braces but the key is not the tool but the quality of the work. Talk with your orthodontic specialist to determine what would work best for your situation.
Movement. Movement is the key to discomfort. Braces themselves, other than rubbing and irritation (which quickly goes away) do not cause pain. The brace, or any appliance that moves teeth causes pain receptors to react. The brace is just a method to hold the wire in place, which causes movement. No matter what method used, the same amount of movement will cause the same amount of discomfort.
Not much difference. There isn't much difference in types of braces and the amount of discomfort. The wire is what determines your comfort level. There are kinder wires available today that will give you less to deal with initially. Once you are past the first week of braces, everything seems to settle down for most patients.
There . There are many different types of braces that work well. Since each individual is unique, treatments must be tailored to the dental need. The most important part of treatment with braces is choosing the correct doctor. I would advise that you seek a board certified orthodontist http://www.Americanboardortho.Com it is important to choose an orthodontist who has had specialty training at a major university. Most braces are not painful. There are times of discomfort, especially at the beginning when adjusting to something new, but the reward of a beautiful, healthy smile is well worth the time, effort and small amount of discomfort during treatment.