Knee and ankle problems? Have two situations. My first situation is my knee. At random times my knee will lock up and I have to pop it so I can go on with what I'm doing. My knee also hurts when I'm sitting awkwardly, or doing something physical. Also whe

At. At your age, knee cap problems (mostly inflammation) are very common. This is known as patella femoral pain syndrome or chondromalacia patella. Without any injury or trauma, this is the most likely diagnosis. This can usually be treated conservatively with anti-inflammatory meds, ice, exercises to strengthen your leg and balance the muscles supporting the knee cap, and sometimes bracing. If there has been an injury, a cartilage tear (meniscus) is also a consideration. Evaluation from your pediatrician or orthopedic surgeon would be very helpful to confirm these possibilities. In regards to your ankle, unless the fracture when you were 7 didn't heal properly, inflammatory issues such as tendonitis is probable. There are other less common potential causes for your pain, and like your knee you need to have xrays and an evaluation from your doctor to know for sure.