Numbness after rolled ankle? I fell and twisted my ankle after trying to walk on a foot that was asleep. It has been about 2 weeks and I still have pain to the touch and starting yesterday, my toes, foot, and lower leg have been getting numb and tingling

Ankle sprain. Sounds like a bad ankle sprain with swelling. The swelling could cause pressure around nerves and could be causing the tingling pain to foot and toes. Have you tried resting with icing, elevation and compression wrapping? Antiinflammatory medication like Motrin or advil (ibuprofen) will help decrease pain and swelling. Bracing may be needed too. See your physician for a plan of action. I hope this help!
When. When you sprained your ankle, you developed numbness because the swelling in your ankle inpinged on the nerve and that is what has caused your foot to feel numb. It should improve with time. If it doesn't what you'll need to get is an MRI to check if there is damage to the nerve. Another test is nerve conduction velocity test. In either case if your foot and ankle are still swollen, you should visit a podiatrist in order to immobilize your ankle.

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I had a right ankle sprain 2 weeks before. Still there is discomfort and swelling. Also I have numbness n tingling sensation in second last toe?

Physician evaluation. When you a have a sprain, ligaments have been partially torn and the surrounding muscles remain weak and unbalanced, leading to continued ankle instability. Other reasons for continued pain and swelling include an undetected fracture, bone bruising or tendon tearing. Consider seeing a doctor for an x-ray and exam. Numbness is often from minor injury or swelling to the surrounding nerves.