I have pimples. What should I do now? I have used many antibiotic like betnovate cand many local products. Now I use only cucumber and drink many water. What is the main reason behind it? Many people say masturbation is the main reason. Is it true?

How . How to treat acne depends on your age, the location and severity of the acne. In general, a dermatologist can help decide whether you need topical therapy or perhaps oral medications. Read more about acne causes and treatment options for various typies of acne at the link below. I hope that helps.
They're wrong. Enjoying your body doesn't cause pimples. Life's difficult enough without this kind of disinformation. Get with a competent dermatologist. All acne can be managed effectively, though it self-cures only with age. Cucumber and drinking water won't touch it, and using antibiotics-only is unacceptable. If you are offered isotretinoin, consider going for it. Best wishes.