I have a tooth that's had a filling and came out witch is need to be done a root canal so I have this tooth that its filling came out about 2 years ago or around there and now its senstive and its like have broke its like a u and inside I see black and I

You . You should go to a dentist and have an x-ray and examination of your tooth. The dentist will tell you if there is any hope for the tooth. In your description - you mentioned that the tooth is loose - that makes me think that the chances for saving the tooth are not good. Please seek treatment right away - an abscess is a bacterial infection. It can make you quite sick and cause a lot of pain.
Infection . Infection around a tooth root will loosen up the tooth. I would recommend to go see a dentist as he/she will be able to figure out treatment options for the tooth. If the looseness of the tooth is coming from generalized bone loss ( periodontitis ), then prognosis of the tooth might not be so great as it's called ' perio-endo lesion '. If it's just coming from infection due to tooth decay, then once root canal treatment is done, the tooth will tighten up. A crown will be recommended if the tooth gets treated with root canal since the root canal procedure not only removes nerve in the tooth but also destroys blood supply to it and weaken the tooth subsequently. If you chose to have it out, then it will be it. Some shifting of other teeth will take place over time. So you might wnt to think about replacing the space with a bridge or an implant.
Reinfection. It is unclear in your question if you had the root canal done or not. It sound like you have been walking around with a hole in your tooth for 2 years after you were told you need root canal therapy. By not having approprioate treatment done the tooth is most likely abscessed. If you are lucky the tooth sis still salvageable, but most likely your delay will cause you to loose the tooth.