Can night blindness be treated with glasses? Will a doctor give you glasses if you have night blindness?

Glasses . Glasses will not help--the issue is with light. However, if you need more correction in the dark as opposed to day time---and this can be tested by your eye doc---wearing more correction at night may be helpful.
True . True night blindness involves the receptors in the retina in the back of the eye. If you think of your eye like a camera, it is like having a problem with the film in the camera. It does not matter what lens you put on the camera, you still don't get a good picture. If the night vision problem is simply because you have poor vision (nearsighted or with astigmatism), then glasses will help by clearing your vision. The increased sharpness will help with night vision. This is like a camera with good film, but a lens that doesn't focus. Fix the focus, and the picture improves.