What should I do about my back/leg pain? I have a herniated disk in my l5s1 vertabrea, and have had 3 bilateral transformal steroid injections in my spine during the past 3 weeks, today my legs and back have a shooting pain going up and down and I can har

Probably surgery. If you sciatica/leg pain has not resolved after the injections and it is causing you great discomfort then consider having formal surgery to remove the disc and release the pressure off the nerv.
L5-S1 . L5-s1 disks can cause severe sciatic leg pain. I would recommend consultation with a spine surgeon if you have failed 3 steroid injections. Leg pain secondary to herniated disk usually responds well to surgery. There are many surgical options including traditional and minimally invasive surgery. I would recommend looking for a surgeon who is experienced in endosocpic minimally invasive surgery. Endoscopic treatment is not always an option, but it is worth exploring due to less tissue damage, quicker discharge and recovery and less post operative pain. Please see my health guide on disk herniations and sciatica for more information. Good luck!