I think I have a tampon stuck inside me, how do I get it out? I have tried to get it out myself, but I couldn't locate it.

This. This type of thing can happen. First, wash your hands well with soap and water. Clean under your fingernails as well. Second, make sure you don’t have long nails. Third, you can sit on the toilet and gently bear down, just like you would if your were about to have a bowel movement. This pressure can help to push the tampon down fourth, gently place your finger in your vagina to feel for the tampon. You can bear down while you are doing this. Sweep you finger gently through the vagina. If you feel the tampon or the string for the tampon, you can insert a second finger, grasp and gently pull down. If you develop fever, pain, a discharge with odor you should not put off getting medical care. If you can not remove it, you should see your gynecologist, so that the tampon can be removed. As you are reading this, remind yourself to inhale deeply, exhale deeply and relax.