I was told I have a dilated biliary tree, what is this, how is it cured I had my gall bladder out 3 years ago if that helps

Common duct. The main liver channel-common duct may dilate after cholecystectomy-gallbladder removal. No therapy usually needed.
The . The liver makes bile, the substance that makes the stool brown. The bile comes out from the liver through bile ducts. Normally the bile goes into the gallbladder, where the bile is concentrated and stored for excretion into the intestine after eating, to assist in digestion. The common bile duct tranverses the pancreas where the pancreatic duct joins and then exits through the ampulla of vater. Therefore blockage at the ampulla, in the pancreas and in the common bile duct itself can lead to bile duct dilitation. The most common reason for a slightly enlarged bile duct is after the gallbladder is removed and the bile duct enlarges to accommodate the increased flow of bile. This is usually not associated with any abnormalities in the liver function tests. If there is a blockage due to a stone in the bile duct, or from a mass, such as a cancer or from scarring such as from pancreatitis, the liver function tests will be abnormal and the patient may become jaundiced, or yellow. The second most common reason for bile duct dilation is a common bile duct stone, usually associated with gallstones. Since you did not mention if you had any bloodwork testing for liver function, or if you are having any symptoms, it would be difficult to assess how significant your dilated bile ducts are.