I have think 2 toenails layered on to of each other. Is that normal? I've used toe funal oils to try and thin out my overly thick nails, used tree tea oil also

What . What you most likely have is fungal infection.It is in fact very difficult to treat. You have basically three options: 1. Topical treatment - not very effective with minimal side effects. 2. Oral tablet (lamisil) - effective but has moderate to severe side effects - mainly on the liver. You will need to take it once daily for about 3 months and watch your blood work to check for any rise in the liver enzymes which would be indicative of damage. 3. Laser treatment - very effective with minimal side effects but unfortunately is not covered by insurance.
Fungal . Fungal infections of the toenails cause them to become very thick and to have the sort of layered appearance you seem to be describing. These infections can be very difficult to treat, as you have discovered. You should probably consult with a podiatrist.