Ivf how much dose this procedure cost was thinking about having another child my tubes are tied got them done 5yrs ago also I wanted to know can my tubes come untied and I get pregnant will I be able to have the baby

The. The decision to either have a tubal ligation reversal surgery or proceed with in vitro fertilization depends on several factors: type of surgery to ligate your tubes (some methods are easier to reverse than others), your age and fertility potential, your long term plans (one pregnancy or more - if you reverse the tubal ligation you will have to consider birth control method options in the future), and cost. The decision should be made with guidance from a reproductive endocrinologist (an obgyn with subspeciality training in infertility). This type of physician can usually provide both options and will be able to counsel you on your individual chances with each procedure based on your personal history. I hope this helps!
IVF. Ivf generally costs between $10, 000 to $20, 000 when all costs are included depending on regional variation and the amount of medication you need. Many programs offer refund guarantees and payment plans to help deal with this. The costs of a surgery to reverse your tubal sterilization procedure can range from $5, 000 to $10, 000. The decision to have your tubes "untied" or do ivf is one which requires some careful counseling by an infertility specialist. The most important consideration is how the procedure was done initially and the status of your tubes now. The surgery to "untie" tubes is not a very accurate description. It requires a rather involved surgery to identify the healthy portions of the tube and sew them back together. If the surgery is possible, whether to do it or not depends on the age of the person and how many future children they want. If you are older and only want one, then maybe ivf is a better choice for you so you can get pregnant faster. If you are younger and you want several more children, then an attempt at a tubal reversal might be a good idea. Again, a careful conversation with an infertility specialist is your best plan at this point.
It. It is possible to get pregnant after having had your tubes tied, but your chances are much better if you have the surgery reversed. Unfortunately, that's another operation. It's also possible to have your eggs harvested and use in vitro fertilization. The cost for that procedure varies, but a safe bet is that it will cost tens of thousands of dollars by the time you're done. Having your tubes tied will have no impact on your ability to carry a pregnancy once you have gotten pregnant. Your best bet is to meet with an infertility specialist. He or she can discuss the risks and benefits of both approaches and can refer you to a surgeon if you chose to have your original procedure reversed.