Is superglue or epoxy dangerous to use a drop on your gums? I can't afford a dentist. I have no income at this time. Got a front plate (?) off of amazon. Com that is supposed to fit right over your teeth and stay. I'm missing my two front teeth, and as opp

Superglue is OK. Epoxy may contain some toxins and besides takes so long to set it is unlikely to work. Superglue can work quickly and will not release harmful toxins. It might delay, but not prevent an eventual meetup with a dentist.
Superglue . Superglue that you buy over-the-counter is not medical grade. I have had a number of patients that have used superglue to to re-cement crowns that have fallen off, repair dentures, and even attempt to fix broken teeth. Most of them report no problems. However, one of my patients put a drop of superglue on a tooth that had chipped and was irritating her tongue - she developed a burning sensation on the tongue and floor of the mouth that lasted for months & came and asked me to clean the superglue off her teeth. Superglue is not intended to be used in the mouth. I would say it is risky and i would recommend not to do it.
I . I don't think this would hurt your gums, but neither do I think it wil help to hold the plate in place. Superglue doesn't bond well to damp surfaces like the gums, so i don't think it will accomplish your goal. Furthermore, the clumps of superglue left on the plate itself may cause irritation of the gums. Unfortunately, there are no dental schools in the san diego area; your nearest one is usc. If you can get yourself there, you could probably find a dental student who needs to make a denture for his or her training program, and who might do it for little or no money. Ucsd (and maybe also sdsu, which is right there near la mesa) have pre-dental programs, and may sponsor low-cost or free dental clinics. You might also search the web for free dental care san diego--i did a quick search and found several sites that might be able to help. One final option to consider is a visit to tijuana--there are quite a few dentists there who work on folks from the us, and who do good work at relatively low cost. You can take the trolley to the border and walk across.