I am 41 years old and I will sometimes have a period every 15 days, I would like to be able to conceive, but I'm wondering if these are symptoms of menopause. I have a very low libido and would like that to improve, do you have any advice?

I . I would recommend discussing your irregular periods and desire to conceive with your obgyn or a reproductive endocrinologist (an obgyn that has doen subspeciality training in infertility). Irregular menstrual cycles can mean that you are not ovulating on a regular basis. If you are not ovulating on a regular basis, you will have less chances to conceive. Given your age, the sooner to find out why you are having irregular periods, the better. Good luck!
The . The period of time leading up to menopause is called the "perimenopausal period". This is associated with menstrual irregularity including frequent periods. There are simple blood tests that can be done to see if you are getting close to menopause. An infertility specialist will know what tests to order. If you are 41 and would like to conceive, you definitely need to be seeing one as soon as possible.