Is one sided white nipple discharge normal when squeezed? I am 31 mother of two. My youngest is 9. I have been on nuva ring for at least 8 yrs. I recently switched to the mirena 2 months ago. I have recently noticed a white discharge from my right breast

A . A breast discharge should always be evaluated. A complete breast exam of both breasts should be performed including an attempt to express the discharge at the time of the exam. If a discharge is expressed, it should be tested for the presence of blood (guiac test) and examined under the microscope for evidence that the discharge is milk (fat globules). If there is no blood and it is milk, this is reassuring against a more serious problem but you should have blood tested for elevation in a hormone called prolactin. If the discharge is positive for blood this is a concerning sign and a referral to a breast specialist is warranted. If the discharge is free of blood but is only on one side, further evaluation or referral to a breast specialist may be warranted. Usually a breast discharge that is negative for the above tests and is bilateral can be watched. Again, the concerning signs of a discharge are when it occurs distant in time from when a person was nursing, happens spontaneously, comes from just one duct, happens on only one side, is persistent, and is bloody. If you have these signs, this should be evaluated by all available means including a referral to a breast specialist for physical examination, mammography, and possibly biopsy or surgical evaluation. It is unlikely that your iud is causing this discharge. I would contact your doctor and ask for more details on what was found at the time of your evaluation.
Nipple discharge. Nipple discharge can be normal for some. In general, white, milky, yellow and green can be normal. Blood or a brownish color can suggest a more serious condition. If this is a new finding, you should contact your doctor for evaluation.