Is it just a hormonal adjustment? I've been on a pill for 2 years but I stop taking it last september 2011. I don't have my menstration the next month, october...And on november I have it for 7 days....The next month december until now february 2012 I don

There . There are many reasons why women have irregular menstrual cycles. I recommend that you have an evaluation with your obgyn or primary care physician. The evaluation will usually involve answering questions about your health and menstrual cycles, a physical exam, and blood tests. I hope this helps!
Some . Some women may have irregular periods initially after getting off the bcp. Usually it returns to what used to be with in a year. However if there is any possibility of pregnancy it needs to be ruled out first. If not pregnant some hormonqal evaluation may be needed before concluding as post pii issue. Raksha trivedi, .M.D., facog.