I went hiking in the woods 2 1/2 weeks ago. I had also sanded something at work that contained graphite dust 3 days ago. That night I broke out in a rash that sesembles poison ivy and is spreading. My question is, can poison ivy lie dormant for 2 1/2 we

I . I agree. Here is a picture of poison ivy below. I hope that helps.
Poison . Poison ivy and its relatives produce an oil that causes the familiar rash and itching on contact. This oil can get onto surfaces other than the skin and cause a reaction when those surfaces are touched. So, yes, it's possible that this could be a reaction to poison ivy that was dormant in your clothes until you contacted the oil. In that regard, it's possible for other people to get a reaction by coming into contact with those clothing items. It could also be a reaction to graphite or any other agent that you happen to be sensitive to. In that case, it would not be contagious.